Dr. Beeraiah Baire




I have 8 years teaching experience (8 years post-Ph.D.) to under graduate (B.Tech.) and post graduate (M.Sc.) students.

During my teaching experience, I taught theory classes of Organic Chemistry, Heterocyclic Chemistry, Organ-metallic Chemistry; Medicinal Chemistry and Organic chemistry laboratory to post graduates (M.Sc.) and undergraduates (B. Tech.) students (Class of up to 70 Students). Since, I joined IIT Madras in September 2013, I taught various courses shown in Table below.

I am very much interested in teaching theory and laboratory of organic chemistry. I have considerable experience in experiments of organic reactions generally used in organic chemistry laboratory of undergraduates and postgraduates.

I am very much interested in teaching following topics to undergraduates and postgraduates:

  • Best Course 1: CY6126 – Green Organic Synthesis
  • Best Course 3: CY6013 – Modern Synthetic Methodology in Organic Chemistry
  • Best Course 4: CY5023– Organic Chemistry Laboratory
  • Best Course 5: CY5013– Conceptual Organic Chemistry
  • Best Course 6: CY1001 – Chemistry: Structure, Bonding & Reactivity
  • Best Course 7: ID6021 – Introduction to Research

I generally use both black-board and power point presentation for teaching and prefer interactive teaching where students can participate in the class actively by asking questions, clarifying their doubts during the class, answering questions, and brief discussions. Based on the concept taught in the course, I try to motivate students to learn/understand the important applications for the current and future needs of the society. I choose assignment questions such-a-way that students can be stimulated to do outside reading about the course material. In the class and outside the class, I am friendly and willing to understand my students’ strength and weakness to help them my best. Tips received from Faculty Development Programme by TLC, IIT Madras and from my senior colleagues in the department and institute, helped me to make my teaching more interactive and interesting.

S.No. Course No. Course Name Credit Course Period TCF Score (Course Mean) TCF Score (Inst. Mean) Percentile Response
1 CY1001 Chemistry: Structure, Bonding & Reactivity 3 JAN-MAY 2018
2 CY6013 Modern Synthetic Methodology in Organic Chemistry 4 JUL-NOV 2017 0.88 0.78 0.92 2/74
3 CY5023 Organic Chemistry Laboratory 3 JUL-NOV 2017 0.76 0.79 0.77 11/53
4 ID6021 Introduction to Research 2 JUL-NOV 2017 0.72 0.78 0.78 4/32
5 ID1200 Ecology and Environment 2 JAN-MAY 2017


  • Actively participated in the Faculty Development Programme - 2014 (FDP-2014) on “Teaching and Learning”, organized by Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC), Centre for Continuing Education, Indian Institute of Technology Madras.
  • Course design: Designed an elective course for the New MSc Curriculum (2017). CY6126 - Green Organic Synthesis: Principles and Applications. This course is beneficial to MSc as well as research students
  • Was a Visiting Faculty at IIT Palakkad, Kerala, INDIA, during the period of July 2016–Nov 2016